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Arutyunova  D.V.

V. I. Bezuglova

Arutyunova DV

Bezuglova VI

Gorelova G.V.  

Gorelova  Gv 

Determination of it project risks by means of risk mapping method

On the development of cognitive modeling in research of complex systems

Zhuravleva V.V.

Oganesyan D.E. Kazanskaya A.Yu.

Zhuravleva VV Oganesyan DE

Kazanskaya AY

Import substitution of software in the sphere of public procurement in the Russian Federation

Senchenko S.A.

Senchenko SA

Modern approaches to the organization and implementation of production 

management automation

Sharonina L.V.

Babikov N.M. 

Sharonina LV Babikov NM

Modern aspects and trends of development of the digital economy in Russia

Shipelik  O.V.

Gavrilov  V.V.

Trofimenko A.A. 

Shipelik  OV 

Gavrilov  VV

Trofimenko  AA

Management of advertising innovations in the russian society 

Egorova IA

Egorova I.A.

Global prospects for the development of international education

Lada ov

Lada O.V.

Business development based on franchising in a modern national economy

Stash SV

Stash S.V.

Prospects for the aviation industry in the context of the sanctions against the Russian economy

Anistratenko T.I.

Orlova V.G. 

Arutyunova DV

Bezuglova VI

Project of creating a passenger port: systematization of risks on the basis of  system economic theory

Gorelova G.V.  

Gorelova  Gv 

Cognitive modeling of complex systems in the aspect of  socio-cyberphysical systems

E.K. Zashchina

Zashchitina EK

Project team formation

A. V. Karagodin

Karagodin AV

Transformation of banking activity: from bank to banking

V.V. Klochkov

Klochkov VV 

Historiography and epistemology of humanities in contemporary Russia

Lokteva AE

Kazanskaya A.Yu 

Lokteva A.E.

Kazanskaya A.Yu.

Impact of cross-cultural differences on the success of mergers and  acquisitions

Nalesnaya Ya.A.

Babikov N.M.

Nalesnaya YA

Babikov NM

Topical issues of the use of information technologies at the modern stage  of technological development of the economy

Petrunko AI

Petrunko A.I.

Trends in the information technology market in Russia

Senchenko S.A.

Senchenko SA

Methods and approaches to the assessment of the economic entity in the  current conditions 

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